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Product categories

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In order to determine whether a product should be entered in the category of Dietary Products or general Food Products Monde Selection basically goes by the commercial claims conveyed to the consumers.

If the product is presented to the consumer as a food supplement or foodstuff of particular benefit for such and such a health aspect, it should be entered and judged in the Dietary and Health Food category.

In judging this type of product, Monde Selection will base its evaluation mainly on scientific evidence.

If, on the other hand, it is simply a food product that is generally good for health but this health aspect is not highlighted as a selling point, then it may be entered in the Food Products category.

In judging this type of product, Monde Selection will base its evaluation mainly on organoleptic tests.

All the results are sent by e-mail during the month of April every year.

The client may use his Quality Award commercially as soon as he receives the result.

The Award, as well as the list of results, will be presented during the Award Ceremony which takes place at the beginning of June in a European city.

If participants are unable to attend the ceremony, the awards, medals and the list of results will be sent by post in the middle of June, that is after the Awards Ceremony.

As regards the International Wine Contest, the client will receive the award and the medal at the beginning of May; this will always be sent by post.

Monde Selection publishes the following on its web site:

All the other results appear in the annual list of results sent to all the participating companies.

Any client who does not wish to have their results appear on that list must send a written request to be excluded immediately after the notification of the results.

The Awards Ceremony takes place at the beginning of June every year in a large European city.

During the ceremony Monde Selection officially presents the Quality Awards to the companies that received a quality label during the year.

(The winners of the International Wine Contest are not involved inn this Ceremony).

The procedure at this event, which is well covered by the international press, is as follows:

In order to organise this event well, participants should make sure they return the registration slip that comes with the announcement of the results (sent during the month of April).

The event will be photographed and filmed and clients may order photos on the spot in paper, electronic or DVD format.

Monde Selection recommends some hotels but does not make reservations and is not responsible for the accommodation costs of the participants.

For information about the next Awards Ceremony, please consult the News section.

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